Catch on the new Porsche Panamera engine with this video

Porsche Panamera

Porsche has updated the range of its luxury sedan with a facelift showing what they are capable of doing German engineers. It is visible that the modifications have attacked the main optics of the model, as well as some modifications that affect the body.

The Porsche Panamera keeps innovations inside that improve the efficiency of the engine. Do you want to know what they are? The premise of the German firm is clear, an improvement in consumption without penalizing the performance of its engines.

A video published by the company in social networks shows how the interior of the sedan par excellence competes against the ‘fat guys’ of the German industry.

The Porsche Panamera renews engine and shows you the latest in video

It is always said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This is precisely what the German conglomerate has done. The engine is one of the foundations of the efficiency of this four-door model. The Turbo version is the most useful but the improvements have also reached the access versions.

The images begin with one of the most striking novelties of the restyle. The folding retractable spoiler in 2 steps makes it possible to improve stability when driving at high speeds. It could be said, therefore, that it is thought for its driving in the German autobahn.

Now, what is really important is to see what happens under the hood when the accelerator is pressed. They show it on video and that makes us see what technology is behind each of the models out of Stuttgart.

This Land Rover is more strange thing you’ll see this Christmas

Land Rover

Land Rover has always been characterized, besides owning one of the best lines of production of off-road, to count on models with an indisputable reliability. That is why it is not too strange to find, especially in localities near the mountain, units with several tens of years.

Now, have you seen any model that would fit caterpillars like shoes? The main unit of the article is in the United Kingdom and is currently on sale for the modest price of about 85,000 pounds sterling, that is, about 105,000 euros to change.

Do you want to know why it has such a strikingly high price? Here is the answer.

This Land Rover 109 S2 is virtually unique in the world


Don’t let yourself be influenced by the fact that the date of manufacture date from the year 1959. Its construction was prepared to circulate by terrain and, without a doubt, the S2 included the necessary improvements that should be made to combine to perfection the robustness, reliability and practicality, among others.

Cuthbertson Cars was who decided to incorporate the incredible tracks to sort any type of obstacle. In particular were a total of 15 under the signature of preparation, with only one in the United Kingdom. It is located in North Yorkshire, England, and is waiting for a new owner.

It is completely ready for use mainly in bogs and roads covered in mud, although it also has approval for its circulation on conventional roads. However, it is important to note that this type of caterpillars are not efficient when they wheel at medium and high speeds.


It can be used for a purpose purely for leisure or work. In fact, it is not a vehicle for the day to day and circulation by paved roads since caterpillars covers wear is not prepared for this type of surface.

Do you think that you could fit what you are looking for? Hurry, we are talking about a unit with lots of history. They are already almost 60 years that have passed since it left the factory, and everything done to indicate it works almost as the first day, which reliability had cars before!

Faults in the cars soar in 2016

Faults in the cars soar

The Real Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has analyzed the damage data of more than 600,000 vehicles between January 1 and December 22, 2016. In addition, the report reflects the mechanical failures that occur in these holidays, Which will produce more than 16 million journeys.

Data cross-referenced by the 2016 RACE compared to 2015 reflect an increase in cars that have suffered a breakdown, which has caused them to stop, from 6.45% to 7.14%. On the other hand, there has been a worrying increase in the number of accidents requiring assistance, increasing by 0.63% compared to 2015.

The type of displacement, with long and short journeys, climatology and breakdowns can increase the risk of an incident. Next to the breakdown report, the RACE wants to give some tips on how to prepare the car: good forecasting reduces the likelihood of problems with the vehicle.


A small review can save us trouble

With a displacement of long-haul in which we will submit to our vehicle to one greater effort, we must make a quick review, bearing in mind a few basic points of control.

  • Check the condition of the tyres, as the depth of the drawing, and the pressure of them (not to mention the spare wheel). It should take into account the load to adjust the pressure, and follow the recommendations of the manual of the vehicle.
  • Check the level of fluids: engine oil, coolant, brakes, direction… It is advisable to carry a little oil in the car, if it is necessary to complete the level.
  • Check the status of the Steering and brakes. A visual inspection to check its status. In the case of detecting any abnormality, should urgently attend a workshop to review in depth.
  • Check the condition and adjustment in height of the lighting, especially if you are driving at night, and loaded car. Regulation can be usually from the inside of the vehicle, through the different adjustment positions. Prevents glare to other users.

Do not forget the mandatory elements for the vehicle

It is necessary to verify that we have some necessary elements in case of failure such as flashlight, set of lamps, cat, safety nut and key for possible puncture (and tools), pre-warning triangles, reflective vest and, of course, Contact phone for travel assistance.

A road failure is a problem and a risk for both the driver and the occupants during the trip. In a safe place, put on the vest, place triangles and call your help company on the road or through the App to get you quickly.