Faults in the cars soar in 2016

Faults in the cars soar

The Real Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has analyzed the damage data of more than 600,000 vehicles between January 1 and December 22, 2016. In addition, the report reflects the mechanical failures that occur in these holidays, Which will produce more than 16 million journeys.

Data cross-referenced by the 2016 RACE compared to 2015 reflect an increase in cars that have suffered a breakdown, which has caused them to stop, from 6.45% to 7.14%. On the other hand, there has been a worrying increase in the number of accidents requiring assistance, increasing by 0.63% compared to 2015.

The type of displacement, with long and short journeys, climatology and breakdowns can increase the risk of an incident. Next to the breakdown report, the RACE wants to give some tips on how to prepare the car: good forecasting reduces the likelihood of problems with the vehicle.


A small review can save us trouble

With a displacement of long-haul in which we will submit to our vehicle to one greater effort, we must make a quick review, bearing in mind a few basic points of control.

  • Check the condition of the tyres, as the depth of the drawing, and the pressure of them (not to mention the spare wheel). It should take into account the load to adjust the pressure, and follow the recommendations of the manual of the vehicle.
  • Check the level of fluids: engine oil, coolant, brakes, direction… It is advisable to carry a little oil in the car, if it is necessary to complete the level.
  • Check the status of the Steering and brakes. A visual inspection to check its status. In the case of detecting any abnormality, should urgently attend a workshop to review in depth.
  • Check the condition and adjustment in height of the lighting, especially if you are driving at night, and loaded car. Regulation can be usually from the inside of the vehicle, through the different adjustment positions. Prevents glare to other users.

Do not forget the mandatory elements for the vehicle

It is necessary to verify that we have some necessary elements in case of failure such as flashlight, set of lamps, cat, safety nut and key for possible puncture (and tools), pre-warning triangles, reflective vest and, of course, Contact phone for travel assistance.

A road failure is a problem and a risk for both the driver and the occupants during the trip. In a safe place, put on the vest, place triangles and call your help company on the road or through the App to get you quickly.

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