The ten most dangerous roads in Spain

Dangerous road

No less than 3,264 kilometers of Spanish roads have a high level of danger. The most dangerous one is in Bajadoz, in a 12,5 kilometer section of the N-345, between Almendral and Barracota, according to the latest EuroRAP report, in which RACC and RACE participate.

The report has analyzed the risk level of 24,805 kilometers of Spanish roads, according to accident data from 2013 to 2015, and shows that 13.2% of them, or a total of 3,264, have a high level of Danger

With five serious accidents, three deaths and four serious injuries, the section between km 33.4 and 45.9 of the N-435 is placed as the most dangerous in Spain and appears for the third consecutive year in the category of ” High risk “.

The report reveals that the high risk tranches have been reduced from 14.1% to 13.2%, while those at reduced risk have increased from 69.7% to 72.7%. However, there are five sections that repeat in the list of the highest risk, including Badajoz and A Coruña, in this case between Melide and Boente.


Likewise, according to information published by RACC, the risk of fatal or serious accident is 3.5 times greater in conventional roads than in highways. Also deaths due to motorcycle or moped accidents are rising again after 5 consecutive years of decline.

The roads with the highest red (medium-high risk) and black (high risk) of Spain are N-502 (233.5 km of danger), N-260 (231.9), and N-234 (159.5).

The Autonomous Communities with the highest risk of accidents are Cantabria, Aragón and Castilla y León, with 20.9, 18.8 and 15.6% of risk kilometers, which contrast with 13.1% of the total average of the country.


The ten most dangerous road sections in Spain

  • N-435. Badajoz. From the municipality of Almendral to the variant of Barracota (12.5 km).
  • N-120. Lugo. From the link from Seguín to the link from Penalva, in Ourense (14.3 km). 3 ** N-630. Asturias**. From the junction with AU-66 to L.P. Oviedo-León (20,5 km).
  • N-547. A Coruña. From the start Z.U. From Melide to the end Z.U. Of Boente (7.5 km).
  • N-260. Lleida. From L.P. Girona-Lleida to the end Z.U. From Martinet (10.5 km).
  • N-629. Burgos. From the end Z.U. From Revilla to L.P. Burgos-Santander (14,3 km).
  • N-640. Pontevedra. Since the end of Z.U. From Caldas to Villagracia de Arosa (12,1 km).
  • N-625; Lion. From Mansilla (junction with the N-601) until the end Z.U. Of the village (11.5 km).
  • N-260. Girona. Since the end of Z.U. From Ripoll to the junction with the N-152 (62.2 km).
  • N-230. Lleida. From the end Z.U. From Vilaller to L.P. Huesca-Lleida, in Huesca (12,1 km).

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